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An Afternoon in Jimmy's House by MJA Studio
An Afternoon in Jimmy's House by MJA Studio
An Afternoon in Jimmy's House by MJA Studio
An Afternoon in Jimmy's House by MJA Studio

An Afternoon in Jimmy's House by MJA Studio

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Saturday 10 June, 3pm - SOLD OUT 

Saturday 10 June, 5pm - Last show on sale 


Venue: Jimmy's House by MJA Studio 

Goonderup, North Perth, WA 

* please note exact address details will be sent to ticket holders the week of the show * 


 Join ABC TV’s resident architecture nerd for an intimate afternoon of stories in this award winning home. 



The Age.

“It’s like a funny love letter to the Australia we grew up in.”

Mark Humphies. 7.30, ABC TV.


Australian Institute of Architects - National Jury Citation

This exceptional house places conceptual and programmatic aspirations on equal footing with broader agendas: neighbourhood generosity, passive environmental performance, and biodiversity.

This inner-suburban infill development absorbs a 2-3 bedroom household while sustaining more landscape area than the site’s initial footprint.

The house’s courtyard configuration, fringed by two, L-shaped wings, receives optimal sun exposure and creates three tiers of garden and terrace, meeting the neighbouring park and playground with a deferential height.

The interiors are warm and comfortably private, yet there is a friendly outward expression of the house’s daily life. Blue-glazed bricks reference the surrounding roof tiles, and in searching for a Perth vernacular, the architects sought design lessons from local architects of the 1960s in the production of a home both vibrant and modest. Inside, there is a balance between refined and raw finishes.

Perforated walls and moveable screens enable changeable levels of exposure to the street as well as passive thermal control, and all spaces are one-room deep to ensure cross ventilation, enhanced by a thermal chimney. The activity of the house spills onto various decks and into the main courtyard, which in turn bring gardens – medicinal, edible, endemic, and treed – to the interiors. Jimmy’s House is exemplary in its approach to small-scale infill development."


Images by Jack Lovell