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Summer Breeze Podcast

Summer Breeze is back and more than ever, this is the change you are looking for.
Your Summer Breeze hosts and all round champagne cowboys Tim Ross and Kit Warhurst return with to bring you the perfect holiday listening.
Take summer breeze in the car with you or listen while you walk along the beach or along a little loved creek, this is a podcast where you are in the saddle and the reigns are the magic of your hands.
Summer Breeze is about the greatest songs and the greatest guests of all time and amongst the high quality bangers we have some gold class guests without the over priced mini bottles of Jacobs Creek.
First up, ABC music guru Zan Rowe joins us to talk sitting down with one of the biggest musical stars in the world and then we go back to 1998 to talk the genesis of the hit novelty song Teenage Mullet Fury with the one and only Merrick Watts.
There’s no room for tripe antigen, only triple threats in this genre challenging audio experience.
If you are still reading this you should be listening to it by now.
Summer Breeze is a new podcast designed to be scintillating company. Listen on Christmas morning, on those long drives up the coast or on those balmy nights in the caravan when you want to get away from your family.
Summer Breeze delivers the perfect amount of musical cheese  featuring a selection of the greatest hit of all time.  Rounding out the entertainment are  laidback conversations with some of the most interesting people who were available. This is an experience not to be missed. 
Please join your hosts Tim Ross and Kit Warhurst as they take you for a summer spin alongside very special guests that include football legend and renaissance man Bob Murphy, TV's very own Tom Williams, and the one and only Kevin McCloud.
Podcasts might be all about true crime but the only crime you will he committing this summer is not listening to Summer Breeze.
Listen below or wherever you get your podcasts.